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Learning to Walk Together

In October 2021, Pope Francis convoked the "Synod on Synodality," as an invitation to the worldwide Roman Catholic Church to explore what it means to be a synodal Church.  Synods are nothing new in the Church.  They were common in the early Church, then largely fell out of use.  In the last fifty-years, they have come back into use, as a way for the Church to listen carefully to all of its faithful.

The word "synod" essentially means "journeying together as Church."  We are not isolated individuals; rather, we are the Body of Christ, made of many parts, each one with its unique role and value.  Synods are occasions for gathering together to dialogue with one another, across our many differences, so as to listen for how the Spirit is moving among us.  Pope Francis intends that this synod not be a one-time event but that synodality would come to be a normal part of how we function as Church.  But this takes practice!

The purpose of this reflection series is to help us all develop some of the attitudes necessary to be a synodal church, that is:

1. A Church that discerns
2. A Church that dialogues
3. A Church open to conversion
4. A Church that dreams

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How To Use This Site

We hope that you will make this reflection series a part of your Lenten observance this year!  

Each day, visit this website and click on the "Daily Reflections" link above, which will take you to a page with a list of all forty-days of Lent.  Click on the current date and you will find the reflection material for the day.  Each daily reflection will have three parts:


Each daily reflection will have a link to a 5-7 minute video explaining the theme for the day, recorded by a brother or sister from the diocese, with some points for reflection.  You may agree or disagree with what they say, but the point is to take some time to think how that theme applies to your life.


Underneath each video, you will find a scripture passage that helps you to pray with the theme of the day.  You may have a different scripture passage in mind, and that is fine!  The point is to move your reflection from your head into your heart.


Finally, for each day, we provide you with one, small action you could commit to do that would reinforce the theme for the day, making it something real and tangible, not some passing thought.  As the saying goes: we don't think ourselves into new ways of acting; we act ourselves into new ways of thinking.

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