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Who We Are

JMAP works with migrants and refugees in Belize City to adapt and contribute to life in Belize.  We do this through:

  • Research to understand the conditions of migrants and refugees;

  • Accompaniment to build solidarity and empower migrants and refugees;

  • Advocacy to build a more inclusive society.


We envision a Belizean community wherein the dignity of all persons is embraced, regardless of place of origin.


What We Do

English as a Second Language

Although statistics on migrants in Belize City are vague, we know that St. Martin de Porres Primary School, located in the heart of the Lake Independence neighbourhood of Belize City has increasing numbers of parents of students, who speak only Spanish.  This is a limitation especially in the age of COVID, when school closure means that parents become the de facto teachers.  Many of our parents are simply unable to assist their children with homework.

By offering E.S.L. courses, we hope to help parents to feel like they can contribute to the education of their children.  Moreover, our classes also help to build community among migrant parents and families, thereby building social capital in circumstances wherein trust is in short supply.

Information Hub

Staffed by volunteers, our Information Hub offers a safe space where newly arrived migrants, regardless of immigration status, can receive helpful referrals to local services, including legal services.

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