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Jesuit Community of Belize

Since 1851, the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) have been working in Belize, helping to form a Church, educate a nation, and, at this moment, accompanying our sisters and brothers in forging a new path to a hope-filled future, for the Greater Glory of God.

Our Works

St. Peter Claver Parish

Our parish in the often-neglected Toledo district of Southern Belize, St. Peter Claver serves Punta Gorda town, plus 35 Mayan villages.

St. Martin de Porres Parish

Our parish in the Lake Independence neighbourhood of Belize City, St. Martin's is a beacon of hope for those who need it most.

St. John's College

Founded in 1887, SJC, which includes both high school and junior college, continues its mission of forming men and women with and for others.

Prison Ministry

Jesuits have long been committed to serving those, whom the rest of society has tried to throw away.  Our long-standing commitment is to provide opportunities for spiritual development and education for incarcerated men and women at Belize Central Prison.


Belize has seen an influx of Central American migrants in the previous 20-years, many of whom are running from life-threatening situations at home.  The Jesuit Migrant Accompaniment Project seeks to help migrants and their families to integrate successfully into their new life in Belize.

Spiritual Formation

The Jesuit Community is committed to accompanying our sisters and brothers on their journey toward God by sharing the gifts of discernment and the Spiritual Exercises, and by training our lay partners to do the same.

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