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Jesuits and Diocese Team Up For Synod Reflection Series

The Jesuit Community of Belize teams up with the Diocese to provide online Lenten reflection series to understand better what a Synodal Church is.

This Lent, the Jesuit Community will be working with the Diocese of Belize to present a reflection series on the Synod. The Synod, which is designed to help Catholic Faithful around the world to embrace the call to be a "Synodal Church", began in the Diocese in October and will continue until Pentecost.

During that time, Catholics throughout the Diocese at all levels of the Church (and even those who have fallen away from the Church) will gather in groups to discuss the questions sent to us by Rome. The point is not to conduct a "survey" of the people of God; rather, the point is that the faithful are coming together to discuss and to dialogue. In so doing, we become a synodal Church.

Yet this language is unfamiliar to most of us. Our video reflection series is designed to help Catholics in the Diocese to reflect on what it means to be a "Synodal Church." What does such a Church look like, and how is it different than what we have now? How is Christ inviting us to grow and change as a Church? These are just a few of the questions the series will explore.

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